Giving notice

My job has kept me pretty preoccupied.  Scratch that – I’ve been lazy. I mean, come on, two half-assed posts in the last year?  Seriously?  I chalk it up to my commute.  The round-trip is about an hour and a half.  Perhaps I could have used that time to create a podcast a la Jack Spirko.

Starting next week my commute will be seriously shorter next Monday.  I’ve taken a new job at a company one town over, which should take fifteen minutes max travel time.

Shotgun Deer Season 2012 – Scouting

I went out this morning with my father-in-law and brother-in-law to scout the location we’re going to be hunting on opening day, which is Monday.  This will be my first time going out as an adult and my first time with a gun of my own.  I went out a couple of times when I was a kid – once with my mom’s step-dad and once with my dad.

Deer scouting: 8 point buck spotted, 11/22/12

Just as we entered the field my father-in-law spotted an 8-point buck.  The wire mesh behind the window didn’t give me the clearest view, but at least I was able to get a picture.

Deer Scouting: droppings, taken 11/22/12He parked his truck a few minutes away from where we saw the deer then we got out, looking for trails and other signs of where the deer go.  There were a lot of hoof marks in mud and trails through the taller grass.  We found a few areas of fresh droppings and buck rub damage, too.

Deer scouting: tree stand, taken 11/22/12

After we established where the deer were / had been, we setup the tree stands.  They were placed around 100 yards from each other.  The picture is of my stand.  I think I have the widest field of view.  I feel good about this spot.

I’m excited for Monday.  The plan will be to park further back in the open field then walk to our stands.  We want to be setup and ready to go at least a half-hour before sunrise.

First snow, First heat

It flurried around 1pm this afternoon, but didn’t last long.

Around 4:30pm when I left work there was just a slight dusting on the van.

The commute home wasn’t bad, but it was pretty windy.

There is a possibility of overnight precipitation of some sort.  We’ll see.

Also, today marks the first time this season we’ll have had to turn the actual heat on.  When my wife and kids got home it was a whopping 50 degrees in the house.  In years past I’ve had to adjust the steam valves on the radiators, but the heat seems to be even.    So far the boiler is working great.  Fingers crossed.

Hurricane Sandy: Aftermath

hurricane sandy cheeksSandy has come and gone.

We never lost power.  Some neighbors lost power, but they should be up tomorrow.

Yesterday the kids didn’t have school.  My employer closed 2 hours early as well as opened 2 hours late today.  Nothing else really impacted me or my family.

Had Sandy not made landfall faster than predictions or had high tide come in, we might not have been so lucky and those truly affected might have fared much worse.

Time to turn down the fridge.

Hurricane Sandy: Schools closed

hurricane sandy cheeksJust received a robocall from the kids’ school, they’re closed tomorrow… because the storm is expected to be here Monday evening… Okay, fine.  Better safe than sorry.  The Governor has also directed non-emergency employees working in Executive Branch agencies not to report, either.
[Verified by WWLP]

Westover Airforce Base has evacuated their 14 of their 16 C-5B fleet to avoid damage… since they’re $172m a piece.  FEMA has moved onto the base and using it as a staging ground to provide support if/when needed.
[Source: WWLP]

At least one gas station has run out of gas.
[Source: WWLP]

If you haven’t bought them yet, good luck finding batteries, flashlights, or generators.
[Source: WWLP]

The sky has been gray for days due to cloud cover.  Today has been a little windy-er than yesterday, I suppose.  Are people going overboard to compensate for last years failure to do so or are we really in for it?

Hurricane Sandy

hurricane sandy cheeksHurricane Sandy is on its way and they’re expecting it to be a bitch.  When it reaches us here in New England it “could morph into a ‘superstorm’ that could sit over New England for days”.  There is also a report that when the storm reaches us it’ll mix with a storm from the west to rival last years freak snow storm.

Last year, when the snow hit, leaves hadn’t fallen from the trees and the heavy snow ended up breaking limbs which in turn fell on power lines and ultimately lead to wide spread power failure that lasted for a week or more in some places.  This time around, at least, it looks like there will be less leaves on the trees.  Also, due to all the flack they received last time, the utility companies are on high alert for Sandy and claim they’re prepared for whatever Sandy may bring.

What we did to prepare…

  • Gathered flashlights, candles, matches, and batteries
  • Ensured we had enough water and food to weather the storm
  • Filled out vehicle gas tanks
  • Charged cellphones
  • Turned freezer and refrigerator in case of power failure
  • Made sure heater is in good working order
  • Pulled out the shovel / winter supplies
  • Brought in outside toys / table / chairs / gas grill

If we lose grid power, we lose power.  Hopefully since we turned the refrigerator to max coldness it will buy us a few days in the event we do lose power.  Other than that, we should be set to ride Sandy out.

Did I miss anything I?  What have you done?