Ralph Jones is a huge believer in individual freedoms, a collaboration between hard-working communities and individualism. As the world races towards increasing conformity, boasting diversity while at the same time suppressing basic freedoms.

The journey we walk in life is sometimes lonely but often filled with joy. Though Ralphs work he captures a huge range of emotions while exploring motivations, and belief systems of individual characters. What makes the good guys good and the bad guys bad? This question cannot be answered in any single sentences, and each soul own morals and belief systems need to govern their behaviors.

The thoughts people have cannot be police, and through Ralph writing, he demonstrates that the human experience is complex and multifaceted. There are often no right answers, choices we are often confronted with don’t always leave with a happy ending. However individually we move forwards, driving ourselves on a pathway towards individual enlightenment.

As a society, we stand at the beginning of a new dawn, yet the same human dilemmas confront us, often as we try to make amends for mistakes of the past, that nobody alive today bore witness to, we are also setting ourselves up for future problems. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, but we as a species learn through experience.
Ralph welcomes to come on a journey with him, were ends no-body knows, all you have is now, make the choice.

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